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Knight Mitchell provides consulting services to expand your business. In the past 22 years we have helped consult a number of private and public companies


Knight Mitchell International provides a sweeping host of business and Executive services that are designed to establish and expand your business and consistently increase statistics, bypassing the bust and boom cycles of business and the economy.

Consulting for New Businesses, Established Businesses and Public Companies:

The system includes building of your organization, division by division, to create a complete organization. Whether you are an established and functioning business that wants to break into the next level, or a brand new venture, Knight Mitchell will conduct an evaluation of your business and determine what functions may need to be reinforced or missing and help you achieve your goals and break the barriers that keep you from going beyond your current level.

Our business consulting services include management consulting services to train and enable management to apply the principals and concepts provided effectively to create expansion and bottom line results.

We provide on location and off location consulting and training services to businesses and executives. In working with Knight Mitchell we take an interest in seeing you effectively implement management and business concepts.


Our Services

Financial Consulting

From start-up to IPO stage, Mergers and Acquisitions, Roll-ups & Investment Banking.

Business Consulting

Increase Sales and Revenues.

IT Consulting

Harness the enormous resources of the web.

Web Consulting

Harness the enormous resources of the web.

Management Consulting

Build an organization geared for rapid growth.

Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering Consulting

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